Magnetic Surveys

Vision 4K offers unmatched low altitude surveys thanks to Aim Low™ technology developed in partnership with Devbrio Geophysics

Our solution is a perfect alternative to time and ressource consuming ground surveys while keeping data quality at a high level

Drone MAG survey - AMEX Perron project - 23m AGL - 25m spacing - 600 line-km
Vision 4K - Dronemag Calumet
VTEM survey over same property - 49m AGL - 100m spacing
Vision 4K - Dronemag Calumet

  • Low altitude surveys

    Our obstacle detection and avoidance system allows us to fly as low as 5 m AGL (above ground level) while avoiding unplanned obstacles.

  • Control relay and security

    Exclusion zones, control relay between operators and safe mission aborting systems all combine for a proven and tested security system.

  • Qualified teams

    Our survey teams are composed of experienced pilots certified by Transport Canada, engineers and geophysicists. Communications with Air Traffic Control and other aircrafts are established before and during each flight.


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