Drone magnetic surveys and LiDAR surveys

Vision 4K specializes in geophysical and LiDAR surveys using drones. Our highly skilled and experienced ground crews, helped by our large fleet of off-road vehicles, are able to access any type of terrain at any given time. Our drones equipped with a cutting edge collision avoidance (Aim Low™ authorized partners) allow us to fly the sensor closer to the surface without any risk of collision, yielding a unique solution on the market.

Why do business with Vision 4K?

Collision avoidance system

Our collision avoidance system allows us to fly safely at low altitude (20-30m AGL) even in forested areas where the canopy height is unknown or irregular.

RTK-GPS navigation

With RTK-GPS navigation, we can complete magnetic surveys without the need for tie lines, which greatly reduces survey costs and the amount of data processing required.

Experienced teams

Five years in the geophysics business gave our crews the opportunity to work all around Canada, getting experience from all types of scenarios and field conditions they met. We will achieve your project no matter how hard it is.

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Dean Crick

Exploration Manager
We have had nothing but positive feedback from our Alamos personnel regarding your services on all our projects. You delivered on your promise to finish despite some pretty challenging weather conditions.
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Victor Cantore

This magnetic survey is of exceptional quality and has provided AMEX with an immense amount of structural data. This new dataset has identified numerous cryptic faults which may be associated with gold mineralization.
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Simon Comptois

I’m shocked at the amount of details you can pull out from the drone survey. It definitely meets our expectations! […] We definitely are satisfied clients.
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Hugues Guérin-Tremblay

Consultant Geologist
The data from 1VD and 2VD is incredible... pure candy!
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Tom Morris

Thank you to you and your team, the effort is much appreciated and this has been a very positive experience for us. We look forward to working with you in the future.
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Kelly Malcolm

Vice president of exploration
I am very satisfied with the quality of this geophysical survey and our preliminary review of the data has indicated a number of structures that were previously not visible on historical magnetic surveys. We expect that the survey will be immensely helpful and prove to be an invaluable tool in identifying additional gold mineralization elsewhere on the property.
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Very efficient! Thank you for your awesome work and also for contacting the owners! Looking forward to working together again!
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Patrick Collins

We are happy we had a very good crew and very safe crew that worked well in an operationally active site.

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