Airborne LiDAR surveys

Volta property, ALX Resources corp.

Exploration at scale

With a concurrent LiDAR and photogrammetric survey, our clients have been able to explore their properties from the office. This allows them to better plan their field visits and make efficient use of helicopter time. This is especially crucial in a remote area like the Baie James where the exploration season is short and the ground is not very vegetated.

High resolution orthophoto of a helicopter on the ground taken at the Baie James by an airborne photogrammetric survey
What you get

LiDAR and Orthophoto data

One dataset, many uses

DEM, DSM, contours and canopy height models

The LiDAR DEM lets you see the relief of your property in great details which is great for exploration but is also useful throughout the lifetime of the project. From drill hole referencing to construction planning.

icon highlighting the erosion on a rivershore.

Hydrography categorization

The orthophoto in conjunction with the LiDAR can be used to classify wetlands and protected habitats.

Pre disturbance environmental state

An orthophoto and LiDAR survey early in the exploration is a great asset for a company as it attests of the situation before any ground disturbing work has been undertaken. It can prove to be a valuable legal asset.

Outcrop detection

The orthophoto allows for the systematic and easy identification of bare outcrops on your property. The LiDAR DEM allows for detection of outcrops covered by vegetation or light soil coverage.

Advantages of airborne LiDAR and Photogrammetry

Using an airborne LiDAR survey provides many advantages, notably:

Systematic exploration

Having a high resolution data set allows for systematic exploration of every corner of your property. This is especially relevant in large, low access properties such as those located at the Baie James.

Reduces exploration costs

Identifying outcrops, planning routes and landing zones ahead of going on the field can save many days of prospecting and the risk of missing important outcrops.

Current dataset

The acquisition of a recent dataset of your full property has many advantages on dated satellite imagery. Besides assuring the accuracy of the situation on the ground, having one dataset captured on the same day allows you to compare different areas to each other whereas different satellite pictures are often needed to cover one project.

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