Image taken on the project to highlight the environment

Lac Sakami

Laurentia Exploration

Challenges overcomed

Located in the remote James Bay area of Quebec, Lake Sakami property featured helicopter transport to the operations site, extremely bad and unpredictable weather and a very short window to complete the project. Helicopter mobilization is costly but highly efficient for our survey crews as they are able to set up anywhere on the grid and fly optimal survey lines. It required careful planning prior to the project to identify landing zone locations and transmit them to the client so that ground crews are able to cut landing pads for the helicopter. Once up there, it would be impossible to cut new landing pads, so the planning phase of this project was a crucial part of its success. Without any cellphone service on site, the crew had to rely on visual observations and information relayed from the helicopter pilot for weather assessment. Since there was no way of transmitting daily data, our on-field QC/QA ability was a real asset to ensure that all survey lines were of optimal quality.

Client testimonial

Hugues Guérin-Tremblay

Consultant Geologist
The data from 1VD and 2VD is incredible... pure candy!
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